Meet Hepro: our new range of work chairs to aid mobility in the office

For people with reduced mobility, working in an office presents a plethora of unique challenges.

In 2017 the Office for National Statistics (ONS) reported that disabled people were twice as likely to be unemployed as non-disabled people. In the same year a study by disability charity Scope found that more than half of disabled people say they've applied for jobs they know they are overqualified for, while over a quarter believe they're less likely to be hired than their non-disabled counterparts.

Lifestyle image showing a Hepro chair within a home office environment

Soon after the ONS report was released, the government pledged to get one million more disabled people in work over the next 10 years.

Addressing the issue, Prime Minister Theresa May said: "Everyone deserves the chance to find a job that's right for them. I am committed to tackling the injustices facing disabled people who want to work, so that everyone can go as far as their talents will take them."

Still, many people believe the bulk of the reform needs to be led by employers themselves who, according to inclusion specialist Mik Scarlet, "don't understand that creating flexible, inclusive work systems improves the working environment for all."

The power of the right equipment

We've long been champions of agile working and suppliers of assistive technology, but we've also recently become the UK's only supplier of Hepro work chairs. This is a range of Norwegian-designed ergonomic office chairs that can be customised to make everyday life easier for people with reduced mobility.

"In close collaboration with ergotherapists, we develop products and solutions tailor-made to meet our customers’ needs in relation to mobility, balance, comfort and hygiene." - Hepro

Hepro chairs come in a variety of models but they are all ergonomic, comfortable, high quality and hard-wearing. They're designed to be safe and stable with readily accessible levers for making adjustments for personal comfort.

Electric lift

Each chair (apart from the Kilo and S range) comes in two models: The 'G2', which offers manual height lift, and the 'E2', which has an electric lift. For those who have limb weakness or poor balance, the electric lift can assist with getting in and out of the chair.

Ergonomic support

Good ergonomic support is the cornerstone to healthy working. The Hepro work chairs are all designed to fit the human body perfectly, with plenty of adjustment options to allow users to find their own settings.


To help with getting in and out of the chair, the armrests have been designed to be easily tilted backwards without altering the height setting. Levers are readily accessible to help with easy adjustments, white the specially designed wheel base is robust and solid, offering good leg room and a fold-up footrest for optimal comfort.

Specialist support

There are multiple customisation options available for each chair. Choose from specialist arm rests, various thigh and leg supports, handles, tables and cover fabrics to create a chair that's perfect for your needs.

The Hepro G2 and E2 Coxit models have a split seat to easy pressure for those with hip and leg issues. The Hepro Kilo is specifically designed to support heavier users, with a broader wheel base and larger seat and back.

It's important that disabled people are given the tools to perform the best they can in the workplace. Comfort is a major part of this. For long periods of computer (or other sitting) work, using an ergonomic chair can help to reduce the risk of aches, pains and long-term musculoskeletal injuries.

Complements our RH range

The Hepro range uses the same high quality chair backs as those found on the popular RH Chairs, ensuring seamless integration into any office already fitted out with RH Chairs.

You can view the entire Hepro range here