New partnership expands Posturite's lab and industry product offering

We're delighted to announce our new partnership with Bimos, Europe's leading industry and lab chair manufacturer.

Lifestyle image showing a Bimos chair in a laboratory environment

Headquartered in Germany, Bimos produces specialist chairs for the production, laboratory, electrostatic discharge (ESD) areas and cleanrooms. We believe people working in these specialised environments should have access to high quality ergonomic chairs so that they can stay comfortable and safe while they work - which is why we're excited to start supplying Bimos brands to the UK.

Commenting on the new partnership, our Seating Specialist Scott Bottomer said:

"I’m really impressed by both the range and the quality of Bimos’ portfolio. They provide fantastic options for an array of different working scenarios and environments – from stringent cleanroom areas, to manufacturing plants. The chairs are really well built, and as such come as standard with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty. Also, their range takes ergonomics into consideration in areas where traditional seating isn’t always tailored to the end user.

"Bimos share a similar philosophy to Posturite – in that, when you’re very good at something, share your knowledge with others. They are really switched on to the health and safety requirements involved in these specialise environments, and so support us with a wealth of experience when we’re specifying the most appropriate options for each case."

Karin Buob, Manager of International Sales at Bimos, said:

"The whole Bimos team is extremely pleased and excited about the cooperation with Posturite - we are convinced that Posturite has the means, the knowledge and, most importantly, a wonderful team of committed specialists to enthuse customers for our Bimos products. And we at Bimos have the right expertise and experience whatever the challenge.

"Both, Posturite and Bimos do not think in products, but in solutions. Everything we do, we do with passion. This is the only way to achieve the maximum benefit for our customers. Our main goal is to make work life a little better every day, by offering application-specific ergonomics, excellent design that motivates employees and expresses appreciation, and by actively taking over social and ecological responsibility."

Together, we bring comfort and ergonomics to laboratories and production environments

Creating a comfortable, ergonomic workplace is just as important in a lab or production environments as it is in an office. In these environments people tend to move repetitively using a variety of tools and workstations. For this reason, the risk of musculoskeletal injury can be particularly high.

It’s important to match staff with equipment that supports them safely and comfortably as they carry out their day-to-day tasks.

Common risks in lab and industry environments include:

  • Repetitive motion (e.g. pipetting)
  • Prolonged standing
  • Use of small handheld tools
  • Tasks that require precision - demands on small muscles and eyes
  • Prolonged poor posture (e.g. hunching over a microscope)

Good ergonomic lab seating will help:

  • Increase comfort
  • Reduce risk of musculoskeletal disorders
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Cut maintenance costs
  • Boost staff morale
  • Improve productivity

If you would like to find out more about ergonomic products for lab, production, cleanroom and ESD environments, you can download our lab seating brochure here, or email your questions directly to [email protected].