New to our site - Fellowes Lotus Sit-Stand Workstations

The three new Lotus Sit-Stand Workstations from Fellowes offer simple yet clever technology to keep your body healthy and your workstation neat, sleek and ergonomic.

Lifestyle image showing employees using the Lotus Sit-Stand Workstation in an office environment

So what's it like to use the Lotus range? In a word: easy. When you're a busy person with targets and deadlines to meet, easy is exactly what you need.

Easy to make a choice

Begin by choosing the model you want from our site. You can use the below graphic to identify the perfect workstation for your needs...

How to choose your Lotus sit-stand workstation

As you can see, the Lotus Sit-Stand Workstation comes in three different models:

All Lotus models come in both black and white.

Easy to set up

Your Lotus Sit-Stand Workstation or Lotus DX will arrive fully assembled. Simply pop your desk straight out of the box and onto your existing surface with zero hassle. No allen keys required, no faffing around with instructions. You'll be typing while standing like a boss in no time.

With the Lotus VE, it's easy enough to clamp the pre-assembled workstation to the back of any surface within seconds.

Easy to adjust

To explore all 22 height settings, just press the levers on each side of the platform - not forgetting to take a moment to appreciate the gliding sensation of the patent-pending Smooth Lift Technology. Even with all your equipment on top, lifting the surface is no bother. To find the right height, make sure that when you place your hands on the keyboard, your forearms rest at a right angle to your body.

Saves space

If space is tight you don't need to worry - unlike some other sit-stand platforms on the market, all three lotus models extend upwards within their own footprint, as opposed to up and out.

Embrace your inner neat-freak

Fellowes' unique cable management system allows you to easily feed wires around the back of your desk to keep your wires in good condition, and your desk neat and tidy. A tidy desk is one of the pillars of good ergonomics, as it potentially reduces reaching and twisting.

See a return of investment

For organisations wondering how sit-stand desks could save them money in the long run, simply input a few details into Fellowes' ROI calculator.

Buy your Lotus Sit-Stand Workstation now, or browse our full collection of sit-stand desks and height adjustable platforms.