Top 10 ergonomic keyboards

Lifestyle shot, showing a close up of someone using an ergonomic keyboard

Spending lengthy periods typing away at work can lead to injury. Using a standard keyboard can heighten this risk, placing your wrist and hands in potentially pain-inducing positions. So, switching to an ergonomic keyboard can provide the support and comfort needed for a pain-free days work.

At Posturite, we put the customer first. What you think about our products and services is especially important to us because they are primarily designed to help with health and wellbeing issues. This is why we’ve joined forces with Trustpilot. Our range of ergonomic keyboards have been rated by users on a number of criteria, from comfort to durability, to find the most popular models on the market.

Here're our top 10 best ergonomic keyboards - as voted by you.

No 1: Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Split Keyboard and Numberpad

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Split Keyboard and Number Pad

The Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard and Number Pad enables users to work without strain or discomfort, and provides a relaxed and comfortable computing experience. This Microsoft ergonomic keyboard benefits from a natural arc layout which promotes a healthier, natural way of typing.

Due to its unique split design, the keyboard is suitable to a wide array of desk set ups. The keyboard and number pad are kept apart, offering heightened flexibility. What’s more, the ergonomic design boasts a cushioned palm rest for complete relaxation, and features fully wireless communication. Overall, the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard is one of the best ergonomic wireless keyboards available.

No 2: S-Board 840 Mini Keyboard

S-Board 840 Mini Keyboard

We highly recommend the S-Board 840 Mini Keyboard for its well thought-out design and that it is really lightweight, making it perfect for any typist on the go. This compact mini keyboard is only 20 mm thick and an essential component of any mobile workspace. Thanks to its scissor key mechanism, it only requires light touches to operate the keys, preventing strain associated with heavy typing.

Expertly designed by an ergonomist, it has a key layout which makes the most of small space, negating the need to make big switches between keys. Similarly, its compact size means you won’t be stretching when operating the mouse, further boosting its ergonomic benefits.

No 3: Microsoft Ergo 4000 Keyboard

Microsoft Ergo 4000 Keyboard

The Microsoft Ergo 4000 Keyboard has been expertly crafted to allow you to work in a more natural position. Featuring a sizable curve and a notable split between keyboard and number, this Microsoft ergonomic keyboard essentially parts your hands. This prevents crossing, forcing the fingers into more natural typing positions.

Wrists aren’t neglected either, thanks to the ultra-soft fabric wrist rest. This luxurious feature is similarly split, presenting clearly defined areas for your wrists to sit as you type. Hand separation leads to a neutral wrist position which can help stave off chronic pain.

No 4: Goldtouch V2 Adjustable Comfort Keyboard

Goldtouch V2 Adjustable Comfort Keyboard

The Goldtouch V2 Adjustable Comfort Keyboard is a unique and clever ergonomic keyboard which can be split both horizontally and vertically to achieve a highly comfortable and bespoke position. Perfect for home or office use, the adjustable keyboard can be altered to meet individual requirements, making it ideal for shared use.

One of the main sources of pain while typing is bad posture. By allowing users full flexibility, the keyboard can be adjusted to keep wrists and arms perfectly straight during use. It offers 30 degree adjustability, providing the key to unlocking perfect posture.

No 5: Number Slide Compact Keyboard

Number Slide Compact Keyboard

Compared to standard keyboards, Number Slide reduces the distance you need to reach and use your mouse, which allows you to adopt a more comfortable and suitable posture. A slimline design, the ergonomic keyboard has a slide out number pad, keeping it out of reach in between uses.

The structure of the keyboard promotes healthy arm and shoulder alignment when typing or using the mouse, simultaneously reducing the risk of overreaching. Designed with mobile workstations in mind, the Number Slide keyboard is also exceptionally lightweight and compact.

No 6: A4 Tech Compact Mini Keyboard

A4 Tech Compact Mini Keyboard

The A4 Tech Compact Mini Keyboard has an ultra slim profile which makes it portable for use on the move as part of a mobile workstation or for a smaller workspace. It boasts 7 built-in hot keys, again reducing the likelihood of overreaching. The keyboard provides all the power and features of larger models with an ergonomic, narrow profile.

No 7: Silver Wave Ergonomic Keyboard

Silver Wave Ergonomic Keyboard

Perfect for any environment where infection control is paramount, the Silver Wave keyboard can be repeatedly washed and even sterilised in a standard dishwasher to kill off many of the germs which are commonly found on keyboards. As well as health benefits, this ergonomic keyboard is designed to keep a healthy posture and wrist position at all times with its curved keyboard and separated number pads.

No: 8: Cherry Compact Keyboard

Cherry Compact Keyboard

The Cherry Compact Keyboard is one of the smallest PC keyboards we sell (280 x 130 mm) and takes up literally half the desk space of a standard keyboard. Despite this, it has a whopping 86 keys! Mini yet mighty, this ergonomic keyboard pulls no punches when it comes to quality.

No 9: Kineses Freestyle2 Keyboard

Kineses Freestyle2

The Kinesis Freestyle2 Keyboard has a zero degree slope which minimises the height, effectively creating negative slope and reducing wrist extension. The slim design of the Kinesis provides you a 2-in-1 office and travel keyboard. Made up of two modules connected by a flexible tether, the dual-purpose keyboard is ideal for those on the move.

This quality ergonomic keyboard offers a full range of flexibility, ensuring a comfortable typing experience regardless of body type. When disconnecting the tether, you’ll enjoy separation of up to 9 inches, further preventing cross over or irregular wrist positions.

No 10: Penclic Mini C2 Keyboard

Penclic Mini C2 Keyboard

Last but not least is the simple and sleek design of Penclic's ergonomic Mini C2 Keyboard. This keyboard combines contemporary design, superior ergonomics and function without sacrificing comfort for size.

A popular mini keyboard, this model helps to reduce pain with its scissor-switch keys. This design choice promotes effortless key location, while the compact size prevents stretching and straining. At only 370 g in weight, this lightweight keyboard is a top choice for home or office use.

Which keyboard will you choose?

Whichever ergonomic keyboard you opt for, our products are carefully curated to ensure the highest quality. To increase the overall comfort of your working space, take a look at our full range of ergonomic accessories.