The hybrid worker’s guide to healthy working from home

Working from home can be a joy for some – the coffee is just how you like it and Bernie the Yorkshire Terrier is loving all those extra tickles under the chin.

But is your back now ‘killing you’? Does your neck feel like you’re recovering from whiplash? Is there a serious delay to your ideas and a diminishing passion for your job?

The Posturite workplace wellbeing team has gathered together some tips here for employees on healthy working from home, and it’s especially aimed at hybrid workers, who spend part of their time working remotely and part of their time working at the office. Avoid the inactivity traps at home, and set up your home office desk and home office chair in a way that helps prevent discomfort. View and download the infographic below to explore how to improve your working from home comfort, mental health and productivity.

Guide to healthy working from home