What's improved on the new RH Mereo office chair?

In this ergonomic chair review, our seating specialist David Kirtley reveals his thoughts about Flokk's redesign of their popular RH Mereo ergonomic task chair.

Office desks with RH Mereo 300 chairs

I wasn’t a huge fan of the original Mereo. I thought it was a bit too hard, I didn’t really like the back shape, and I think that in this day and age, a 5 cm seat depth adjustment just isn’t enough for a premium ergonomic chair. Now here comes Mereo 2.0. It’s almost as if the designers were reading my mind, and everything that I wasn’t too keen on has been addressed.

I’ve always loved the mechanism – for those of you who know the RH chairs, it's even better than the Logic mechanism. It's smoother, and most importantly only takes around seven to eight turns from lightest to heaviest thanks to a complex gearing system, which ultimately gives the user a simpler experience. The mechanism is so good in fact, that it's set to be replicated on the New Logic, which is being launched in the UK next month (watch this space).

The mechanism has always been awesome, and now the rest of the chair is just as good. The new seat is now softer, and instantly more comfortable than its predecessor – which makes the first impression a more positive one for the sitter. A new backrest shape (300) has been introduced and it will, in my opinion, make up the majority of sales. It's just the right size: not too bulky that it dominates the room, but big enough to be supportive along the full length of the spine. There is the 200 backrest which is around 15 cm shorter – a ‘mid-back’ option if you like, so if budget is a concern, or if you just want a smaller backrest, then this is almost as good.

I like the controls – they're easy to use. I don’t mind the size of them. I like the fact that you look down – there’s a lever there – and it adjusts something. This means that ultimately it’s easy to adjust, and you’re not searching around for smaller buttons or levers to alter the chair. With the seat depth range a smidge over 10 cm, this now accommodates more people than a lot of other chairs at this price point.

Look-wise the team at Flokk have also given a range of options, which can give the same chair a very different appearance if you change the colour of the frame and plastics.  It looks great in all black (if you’re my age, think Knightrider, Airwolf or Street Hawk). If you want a softer look, then the grey frame and plastic, together with softer colours on the seat and back, give a more subtle feel.

So where does the new RH Mereo fit into our chair range? It doesn’t quite have the adjustment of the higher-end Logic, and nor should it, but it sits alongside the ever popular HAG SoFi chair. The SoFi is more aesthetics-led, with softer surfaces and a discrete adjustments – this isn’t, and its not trying to be. I think as ergonomic chairs go this newcomer is one of the best available. It's comfortable, adjustable, easy to use, and as you would expect from RH, it has a 10 year warranty and its ergonomic credentials are the best in the business.

About Flokk

Flokk is the Scandinavian manufacturer behind a collection of brands that focus on creating premium quality, design-led and sustainable furniture. All products are designed and manufactured with a minimum environmental impact in mind, while maintaining a high lifetime value.

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