Last updated: 10 December 2020

We’re continuing to adapt successfully to the latest guidelines to deliver the same high quality of service you’ve always expected from Posturite, while minimising the impact of COVID-19 on you, our employees and their families.

Agility has always been at the core of our business, and our employees are used to a flexible working environment. This equipped us well during lockdown, with a large proportion of our staff able to work safely and comfortably from their homes with the best available tools and equipment.

With many employees based remotely, we are used to collaborating over video conference and Microsoft Teams channels and will continue to operate this way.

Supporting homeworkers

Most businesses have incorporated some degree of homeworking to help lower the risk of COVID-19 contamination. Homeworking has proven to have many other benefits, allowing us to avoid physical gatherings and the daily commute, saving money on travel and lunch costs, and improving work-life balance. Because of our vast experience of keeping workers safe and comfortable in a variety of environments – including the home, we are uniquely positioned to support you with homeworking advice, assessments and products.

Watch our special homeworking webinars:

Browse our home office furniture collection for desks, chairs and accessories perfectly suited to the home.

Remote DSE assessments

Our display screen equipment (DSE) assessors can deliver workstation and vehicle assessments in-person where needed with some key changes in place to keep us all safe. Where possible we do recommend you book a remote assessment.

Our remote DSE assessment closely mirrors our face-to-face assessment, offering the same level and quality of service that you would normally expect.

Our trained DSE assessors can carry out a problem-solving consultation either via video chat on Microsoft Teams (no software or download required, we will walk you through the simple process), or over the phone.

Based on photographs, measurements collected by the user and information given during the remote assessment, the assessor will be able to make product and positioning recommendations to help solve the user’s issues.

This remote service will also be available to the many employees that will be working from home over the coming weeks that need support adjusting to new working environments.

Find out more about our DSE Remote Assessment.


We understand that you want to keep everyone safe during the virus outbreak — but that shouldn’t mean staff miss out on vital training. That’s why we’re making changes to the way we deliver courses, so you can still access the same great benefits of a fully trained and empowered workforce, without putting employees at risk.

Some of our face-to-face courses are now being delivered remotely to eliminate contact. These reimagined courses involve the same expert trainers, the same content and training resources — but employees can earn their qualifications from the comfort and safety of their own homes.

Please visit our training section to find out more and book your training.

Chair and desk delivery, installation and set up

We'd like to assure you that our delivery services are in line with the latest government guidance.

This means there may be some changes to our usual processes around deliveries and additional services.

What to expect?

  • Self-isolating households – we'll leave your delivery outside your door
  • Tier 3 or above – we'll take your delivery to a room of your choice (but unfortunately cannot unpack)
  • Tier 2 or below – full services available

If you have to assemble your chair/desk yourself, video instructions are available to help you set up and get to know your chair/desk. Further help is available through our expert DSE Help Team, who are available on email, phone or live chat on the Posturite website.

During the pre-call, our Delivery Technician will check if you are a self-isolating household, (including containing high-risk, vulnerable, or shielding individuals).

Our Technician will perform an individual risk assessment to make sure the relevant service(s) can be completed in a safe manner.

We will use appropriate cleaning, handwashing and hygiene procedures and will ask that the minimum 2m social distancing be observed. This could mean occupants will be asked to remain in a different room while the service is performed.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding.

Courier deliveries

Deliveries remain unaffected. We will let you know if this changes; however we are uniquely placed to find alternatives and our priority is to get your products to you on time.

Delivery may take slightly longer

We're working hard to get products delivered to you as quickly as possible - however, high demand for homeworking products and pressure across the courier network has meant we've had to extend our lead time slightly for items we hold in stock. For now, expect your order to arrive within 5-7 days (rather than the normal 3-4). Thank you for your patience.

Warehousing and product supply

We recognise the importance of the service we offer to our clients and we will continue to work within government guidance.

We have increased cleaning regimes to support any staff that cannot work from home. We are setting aside specific time for the sanitisation of all workstations and any shared equipment, at least twice daily. We are insisting on regular, thorough hand washing and sanitisation. In addition, we are strictly enforcing social distancing for all staff. All staff have access to masks, gloves and sanitising equipment.

We have good stock levels on most products and our supply chain remains largely unaffected - with a few exceptions to very popular homeworking products. Homeworking chairs, desks and accessories are in very high demand, and so unfortunately a few delays may be expected.

We’ll continue to adapt as needed

While our office is now open for those who wish to return – with social distancing measures in place, most of our staff have the choice to work from home.

We’re confident that we can continue to offer you the highest level of service and support as we adapt to the situation as needed. Please do contact us if you have any additional concerns about the impact of COVID-19 on the service you receive.