Mukava MK-50 Reading Table For Monitor Arm

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Now £85.86 £71.55 Was £190.80 £159.00
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Reasons to Buy

The MK-50 Mukava is a digital device platform created to encourage better posture and workflow. The adjustable reading surface holds tablets, laptops, phones, books and documents to help reduce the risk of posture-related pains and improve your position while you read or use your technology.

One of three Mukava models, the MK-50 attaches to most industry-standard monitor arms with a VESA plate mount. It can be attached to a dual mount monitor arm so one arm can hold your computer screen while the other holds your Mukava for easy access to handheld technology and other reading materials.

Numerous studies show that prolonged use of devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops contributes to aches, pains and musculoskeletal disorders. The Mukava range is designed to counteract this risk by bringing our technology up to eye-level.

Included in your package are three magnetic pads (for sticking to your devices), VESA plate mount, LED light, electronics, a magnetic clip and of course the Mukava surface itself.

Easy to assemble and adjust, this ergonomic solution will improve your posture and streamline your workflow between your devices in no time.

  • Highly adjustable arm means the Mukava can easily fit into your work-space.
  • Attaches to most industry-standard monitor arms.
  • A flexible LED reading lamp is included.
  • Includes two USB ports for charging your devices while in use on the surface.
  • Includes three magnetic pads (one for smartphone, two for tablet) which attach to your device with over 1,000,000 micro-suction cups - a long-lasting, non-damaging, wipe-clean alternative to adhesive.
  • Offers hands-free reading for better posture to tackle health problems associated with hunching over our devices.
  • Surface includes elastic bands which can be pulled out for holding print media.
  • Melamine-covered head
  • Attaches to any monitor arm that has a VESA plate mount
  • Weight limit: refer to monitor arm manufacturer specifications
  • Easily cleaned with commercially-available products
  • Comes with three Mukava pads for attaching devices to the surface - can be easily cleaned and reused.
  • 100-240V 50-60Hz rated/input adapter 5 volts 4 amps of output power
  • Head size (mm): 312 (H) x 459 (W)
  • 1 year warranty
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