New work from home survey reveals fascinating results

Did you know that 41% of homeworkers have someone else working from home with them, on the same days?

Get an insight into people’s current working from home habits in this WFH statistics infographic below. To kick 2023 off, Posturite has launched the results from its new survey of hundreds of homeworkers in the UK and Ireland.

Have we all now created the perfect home office? No. Many people are still making do with ‘cobbled together’ setups for working from home. 35% find their homeworking space ‘a little bit shabby’. The results infographic reveals more new work from home statistics.

41% of people working from home are being encouraged to increase their workplace attendance.

How many people have enough space to work from home comfortably? Let’s find out…

Posturite homeworking survey results

Homeworking survey results

A survey of 702 Posturite customers and subscribers, November 2022
27% Age 18 - 40, 57% Age 41 - 60, 16% Age 61+
Employers included: Aston Martin, Astra Zeneca, HMRC, Marks & Spencer and Virgin

Do you have enough space to work from home comfortably?

  • Yes 81%
  • No 19%

How do you feel about your homeworking space?

  • It's OK 47%
  • It's a little bit shabby 35%
  • I love it how it is 15%
  • I strongly dislike it 3%

Do you work from home now?

  • Yes, every working day 39%
  • Yes, around half the time 36%
  • Yes, but only one day per week 11%
  • Very rarely 10%
  • Never 4%

Was 2022 a good time to be a worker?

  • Yes, on the whole 56%
  • Yes, definitely 16%
  • Not sure 17%
  • No 11%

Is there someone else also working in your home, usually on the same days as you?

  • No, thank goodness 43%
  • No, and it's a little lonely 16%
  • Yes, my partner 33%
  • Yes, my adult child 3%
  • Yes, a friend/flatmate 2%
  • Yes, my parent 2%
  • Yes, my teenager 1%

Do you feel you need to move home in the next 1-2 years, to give you more space to work from home?

  • No 85%
  • Yes 15%

Sometimes new work from home opportunities give people the freedom to relocate to a whole new area. Are you giving that any thought?

  • No 70%
  • Yes 30%

Do you believe your home workstation would comply with current Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations?

  • Yes, probably 34%
  • Yes, definitely 27%
  • Probably not23%
  • No 11%
  • I don't know what they are 5%

Here is the Display Screen Equipment (DSE) workstation checklist from the Health and Safety Executive. It of course applies to workstations at home.

A big thank you to all survey respondents!

Please credit Posturite in all sharing of the results.

How could managers respond to these homeworker survey results?

  1. Help all homeworking and hybrid employees by providing information, support and appropriate equipment to create a healthy and productive home workspace suitable for all their tasks. One survey respondent said “If I started WFH full time, I would like a suitable office chair to prevent musculoskeletal disorders” but remember that a suitable chair is required for part-time homeworkers too if we are to be sure that everybody’s risk of injury is reduced.
  2. Ensure all WFH employees have suitable risk assessments for the work they are doing at home. This should include musculoskeletal risks, mental health and wellbeing risks as well as practical issues such as electrical and data security.

  3. Support all employees – including homeworking employees – with their mental health and introduce activities which reduce loneliness and improve connectivity.
  4. Encourage homeworking employees to regularly schedule in time to work in the workplace which provides flexible and spacious surroundings as well as opportunities to connect with colleagues.
  5. Keep conversations open and positive to support those who are reluctant to attend the office more regularly. Try to acknowledge and understand their situation and be flexible.
  6. Maintain the office environment as welcoming and easy to use, with easy access to support.
  7. Keep workplace wellbeing and happiness high on the agenda, not forgetting that employees may have increased career move options now.
  8. Consider how all employees can be included in meetings and projects as well as provided with the same training opportunities.

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