The return to the office debate

It's important to listen to each other's views on remote working, 'traditional' office working and hybrid working. The Posturite team has their ear to the ground on work trends; and you can listen in here too.

This new infographic on going back to the office aims to reflect the thought processes of both employers and employees and how a range of people feel about their workplace.

1. Office working: what might be on your employer's mind?

Let's look at the views of different parties engaged in the office working vs working from home debate.

This September 2022 in the UK, some organisations are encouraging or indeed requiring a major return to the office for an increased number of days in the week. How is everyone feeling?

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Return to office feelings

2. What might be on your employee's mind about going back to the office?

Thoughts on going back to the office infographic

Thoughts on going back to the office are sometimes conflicting and they can be a mixture of positive and negative, significant and inconsequential – and some may also seem silly at first glance.

3. Is there a feelgood factor in returning to the office?

Potentially yes, say experts. Drawing a line between home and work by travelling to a separate workplace can benefit our mental health, as well as giving us the opportunity to collaborate, to feel more connected to our organisation's mission, to learn from people and to mentor people.

4. Thinking positively about a return to the office

Explore the infographic in full which concludes with help to look at the positive aspects of returning to the office.

Thinking positive about going back to the office