Do I really need someone to set up a new office chair for me?

Stylish office chair

We all want an easy life. Handing a task over to someone else with expertise feels good. And the feelgood factor is part of the reason you’d like a new office chair in the first place – you know your body will feel better when it’s better supported in an ergonomic chair.

So the marvellous ease of having my new ergonomic chair assembled and set up for me in my home office – on the day it’s delivered – shines like a beacon of convenience. No hassle – it’s the chance to start enjoying the comfort of that chair right away.

If I had a bad back or other health condition, I’d want a technician to bring my chair to the room where it will be used too. That’s a no brainer!

Too busy to set up a new office chair yourself?

I get it. We’re under time pressure.

Busy person in their office

How much does this convenience cost?

Posturite offer their chair setup service at £44.95 ex VAT* (2022 price), so it’s not going to break the bank. This covers installation, set up, a demonstration of features and support (from a real human being!) – with delivery already free in the UK for new office chair purchases. It also includes taking away and recycling the packaging.

Office chairs aren’t very difficult to assemble, so you can absolutely opt to put your chair together yourself.

Setting up new office chair yourself

But the office chair set up and installation together are incredibly useful. Not only do I get the chair effectively built but also tailored to my own specific positioning.

Investing in an ergonomic chair is only the first step - utilising the chair features to the benefit of my posture and overall health is vital to take full advantage of the service.

“I’d compare it to how I use Microsoft Excel!” says Katharine Metters, lead ergonomist at Posturite. “I use some of the features and it does the job OK – but if I actually knew the rest of what it offers, I’d get so much more out of it. The chair setup service maximises your investment in the product.”

The majority of Posturite’s customers do opt for the chair setup service – including many employers providing this convenience to their employees – and feedback is constantly evaluated. In the first half of 2022, 716 out of 968 Posturite customers surveyed gave a 5 out of 5 satisfaction score in reply to the question ‘How well did the installation technician talk you through and demonstrate the product features?’ – with a further 120 customers giving a score of 4 out of 5.

So many of us loathe self-assembly!

75% of Brits are happy to pay someone else to build flatpack furniture for them, and 44% admit they are rubbish at it, reveals research by It is surely one of the most head-banging chores and the air turns blue when we attempt it at my house.

Self-assembly help

Do not fear if you do decide to take care of getting set up in your new office chair or desk yourself. Posturite offer a whole host of help and support. Easy to follow ‘how to’ videos have been created to clearly explain how to assemble your new office chair and desk and these videos are presented by Posturite DSE Assessors and ergonomic product gurus who really know their stuff.

How does a customer select the chair delivery, installation, set up and support option?

Posturite delivery

  • Select an office chair or desk in the Posturite online shop
  • Put it in the basket and go to Checkout
  • Tick the box for the set up and installation in the delivery options

And if reducing stress is your goal, I’ll point you also to a great webinar you can enjoy, presented by accredited business psychologist Ellice Whyte: Reduce stress and thrive while working from home. Enjoy!

*Prices shown are for UK Mainland only. Surcharges apply for the Isle of Wight (surcharges apply) only. Not available in Highlands and Islands, Northern or Republic of Ireland.