What kind of office chair do I need?

Bench desk with ergonomic office chairs

The office chair is a staple of any modern office workspace. After all, the average person spends roughly 6-8 hours a day sat in one. So, it makes sense as to why so many of us get confused between all the different types.

No matter what your job is, choosing the right office chair can be the difference between staying alert and productive, or gradually incurring lower back pain later in life.

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you’re conscious of the latter category and are asking yourself “Which office chair should I buy?”. To help you decide, we have created this quick guide on how to choose a comfortable and supportive office chair.

Types of office chairs

First thing’s first, it helps to have even a brief understanding of the different types of office chairs that are available. Generally, office chairs tend to be adorned with castors for mobility, as well as armrests for comfort.

Without getting into too much detail, there are a few main types that you should be aware of before embarking on this journey of comfort.


RH Logic 200 Medium Back Ergonomic Chair

The first and, arguably most important, type of office chair to know of is the ergonomic chair. Ergonomic chairs are designed with your body’s natural curves in mind and seek to enhance your posture by providing a comfortable, safe seat.

While design isn’t the main focus of these chairs, they tend to be characterised by swooping lines and high backs to accommodate taller workers when needed.

The RH Logic 200 (pictured) is the perfect example of an ergonomic chair. It comes with a high-back design, robust materials and gives great lumbar support thanks to its curved shape.


Toleo Mesh Back Black Office Chair

If you work in a particularly hot environment, or have trouble regulating your office’s temperature, it may be a good idea to invest in a mesh chair. Mesh chairs are exactly what they sound like; they have breathable material on the back and seating area that allows air to flow freely. This helps keep you cool and relaxed throughout the working day.

These chairs are designed to look like any other type of chair, with the one exception being that they are sometimes incredibly lightweight.

For a classic design with all the benefits of a mesh material, the Toleo Mesh Back Black Office Chair (pictured) is a solid contender. It features ventilation holes on the back support to allow plenty of airflow, as well as a strong metal frame built to withstand daily office use.


Adapt 700 SE Bariatric Chair

Bariatric office chairs are simply those that have been designed for larger workers who may need extra space or reinforcement. These chairs are often indistinguishable from regular office chairs, but can be found sporting thicker seats and more durable materials on the frame.

If your current office chair isn’t cutting it, consider an upgrade to the Adapt 700 SE (pictured). It contains everything that makes a bariatric chair great: a sturdy frame, comfy memory foam and inflatable lumbar support.


RH Logic 400 Elite (high back) Ergonomic Office Chair

As their name suggests, 24-hour office chairs are made to be used during periods of extended use that lasts longer than the typical working day. There are no major design changes, apart from the use of stronger materials and the frequent inclusion of high-back designs.

Despite their focus on function over form, 24-hour chairs can still look good in any modern office. For a futuristic seat that will let you work comfortably for hours, the RH Logic 400 Elite (pictured) with its high back design, lumbar pump, seat slide and durable upholstery makes for a great choice.


Vari® Active Seat

To some, the prospect of a standing chair might sound confusing; after all, chairs are for sitting, right?

Standing chairs are more akin to a tall stool that can be used in places where workers are often moving between a standing and sitting position. They can be found either with or without castors, arms and back supports, and are frequently found in art studios or shop floors.

The Vari® Active Seat (pictured) is one of the simplest standing chairs available. It comes fully assembled for painless setup and can be easily moved around different settings depending on your needs.


Bimos Neon Production Chair

Industrial chairs are built for professionals who spend their working day in scientific, industrial and surveillance environments, and are designed for superior durability. Industrial chairs have proven incredibly valuable to employers looking to prioritise their workers’ health and provide ergonomic support and efficiency in production workspaces.

Start correcting your posture with the Bimos Neon Production Chair (pictured). The Bimos Neon allows you to finetune your seating position with a modular design to correct your posture.


RH Logic 220 High Back Ergonomic Office Chair

Executive office chairs are somewhat of a status symbol within the office. Acting as a culmination of everything that makes an office chair great, executive chairs combine the benefits of all types of office chairs and delivers them in one, elegant package.

These chairs are constructed with a range of materials but are frequently found with faux leather, fabric or soft-touch plastic finishes.

If you’re looking for the most premium, luxurious chair you can find, the RH Logic 220 (pictured) makes for a great choice. It features an interchangeable seat and back, as well a tough construction that is sure to survive years of constant use.

How to choose a good office chair

With all of this in mind, now comes the time to address this age-old debate. A good ergonomic chair will suit your size, shape, environment and working habits - such as the type of tasks you'll be carrying out (this will change how you interact with your workstation) and the amount of time you spend sitting down (some chairs are better suited to prolonged use than others).

If you’d like help, you can speak to a member of our specialist DSE team, who will be happy to give you advice on choosing the right office chair for you.

Ergonomic advice from Posturite

With this information in mind, you’re well on your way to finding the best possible office chair for your needs.

Whatever you do, you can grab all sorts of ergonomic accessories to help improve your posture even further at Posturite. We stock home office furniture, sit-stand desks, as well as ergonomic mice and ergonomic keyboards. Browse our selection today and contact us if you need any further help.