Profim Mickey Grey Pouffe

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Stylish height adjustable swivel stool in grey. 

Introduce a sleek, ergonomic seating option to your home or office set-up with the Profim Mickey Grey Pouffe. Ideal for impromptu meetings, at-screen collaborations, or when hosting visitors, the Profim Mickey Grey Pouffe provides a dynamic seating option without getting in the way.

Any user will quickly find a comfortable setting thanks to the effortless height adjustment and sideway tilt of 10°. The seat swivels and swings from side to side, promoting movement which can help with thinking, speaking and focusing. Profim Mickey Grey Pouffe can be used for active desk work, both seated and standing, making it the ideal solution for agile workers.

  • Stylish, ergonomic grey stool that keeps you active and alert
  • Stool, swivel with height adjustment and sideway tilt 10°
  • Grey plastic base with upholstery sides
  • Height adjustment range 330 mm gas stem
  • Hard glides for soft/carpeted floors
  • CMHR foam seat - CMHR (Combustion Modified High Resilient) foam is used when the strictest fire code standards are required, such as in homes, hotel lobbies, hospitals, schools, mass transit (airplanes, buses). The foam has a high density which helps it last a long time
Plastic: Grey RAL 7043
Fabric: Partner LDS16
Dimensions (H x W):
570-900 x 360 mm
10 years