Tilde® Air Selective Noise-Cancelling Earphones

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£276.00 £230.00
Choose what you hear in the office with breakthrough noise cancellation technologyThe lightweight (40g) Tilde® earphones fit comf...read more
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Lead Time: 1 Week
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Choose what you hear in the office with breakthrough noise cancellation technology

The lightweight (40g) Tilde® earphones fit comfortably into your ears to give you control over your working environment. These revolutionary wireless earphones are suited to both concentration and collaboration. The selective noise-control 60° cone allows you to hear the person directly in front of you while reducing distracting background noise, enabling you to hold a conversation without removing the headphones. Adjust the noise control from 0 to -30 decibels with the 8 dedicated microphones, allowing you to meet your own preferred sound level.

Focus on work in blissful silence, or enjoy crystal clear music to help boost your productivity. Tilde® noise-cancelling earphones come with a comfortable neckband and a selection of different sized eartips for absolute comfort. The wireless multi-point connectivity allows you to connect to multiple devices without fixing you to one spot - a must-have for all agile workers.

  • Award-winning noise-cancelling technology based on innovative acoustics and artificial intelligence
  • Reduces ambient noise - focus in silence or stay connected to your surroundings
  • Communicate easily with 60° cone allowing though sound of person directly in front of you while reducing noise elsewhere
  • Geared up for agile working with multi-point connectivity and Siri and Google Assistant voice commands
  • Hybrid digital active noise control to help you find the perfect sound balance
  • Long battery life for all-day use, anywhere
  • 6 microphones dedicated to wireless phone use - make wireless and noiseless calls
  • Compatible with Skype, Lync, softphonie
  • Comes with 6 eartip pairs, 1 micro-USB charger, 1 soft case, 3 loop pairs to keep cords in position
Adjustable noise reduction:
From 9 to -20 decibels
Selective noise control:
Voice filtering in 60 degree cone
Wireless connection:
Connects to up to 2 devices at once
Bluetooth range:
30 m in free field, more than 10 m indoors
Battery life:
8-12 hours
Charging time:
2 hours for full charge, 30 min for 50% charge
HD audio quality:
2 balanced armature speakers, 192 kHz
Frequency response:
+/- 3 decibels from 10 Hz to 20 kHz
2 years
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