Ergonomics on the go - infographic

Having the flexibility and freedom to work away from the office is beneficial for both employees and the organisations they work for. The challenge is keeping home, remote and on-the-go workers safe and injury-free while away from typical office set-ups.

When on the move, there's no guarantee you're going to find a workstation that complies with DSE regulations. In these situations, it helps to know how to improvise. It's not crucial to always have a perfect ergonomic set-up. As long as you make sensible decisions - like leaving prolonged typing tasks to when you're back in the office, or using a stand to raise your devices to a suitable eye-level, working away from the office shouldn't have to affect your comfort or productivity.

Match your device to your task

To help you make healthier decisions while working away from the office, we've created a handy checklist to help you choose the right device for whatever task you're undertaking.

View and download the checklist here, or view it as part of our infographic below:

Click here to download our 'Ergonomics on the go' infographic

We've reproduced this infographic as a series of posters ideal for printing. You can download them here.