Use this homeworker cheat sheet to improve your set-up

Everyone's homeworking situation is different and many of us can expect our current routines to change as lockdown eases and our offices reopen.

Working with our ergonomists, we've created an infographic cheat sheet that shows you best practice for setting up your workstation desks, chairs and other equipment, whether they're used on an ad hoc basis, or for longer.

The amount of time you spend at your workstation and the tasks you carry out there determine the type of equipment you need. For example, if you're mainly in the office but occasionally finish off an hour of work at home, you don't necessarily need a full-size workstation with all the ergonomic trimmings at home (although this can never hurt!).

Sometimes it's okay to work from a sofa or armchair - but it depends what you're doing and how long you plan to spend there. As always, whatever your set-up looks like, we advise you to get up and move regularly to give your eyes a break from the screen, your body a break from sitting, and your mind a break from concentrating.

Feel free to download and share our infographic.

'Homeworker workstation set-up cheat sheet' infographic, with a link to the downloadable PDF