A solution for tired legs - the new DeskRite Anti-Fatigue Mat

Introducing the latest member of the DeskRite family of ergonomic office solutions: the DeskRite Anti-Fatigue Mat Various images showing the DeskRite Anti-Fatigue Mat

If you’ve already invested in a sit-stand desk then you’ve already taken the first step towards a healthier life. The next step is using that desk in the healthiest way possible.

Catch 22 - the problem with standing

Sitting on our office chairs for long periods of time can be bad for us, but so can standing for long periods of time. Prolonged standing causes our leg muscles to contract, which results in constricted blood-flow, forcing the heart to work harder to fuel the body. The result? Aches, pains and fatigue across the whole body.

Close up of a man working in his workshop

Other health complications include:

  • pooling of blood in the legs
  • sluggish return of blood to the heart
  • swelling of the legs
  • varicose veins and nighttime leg cramps
  • cardiovascular disease.

The healthiest way to work is to alternate from sitting to standing throughout the day. If your job has to be carried out standing then make sure you get plenty of sitting breaks and talk to your manager about the possibility of having a perching stool nearby to take the weight off your feet. For office workers we generally recommend standing at a sit-stand desk for 20 minutes of every hour to keep the body moving regularly. We also recommend the use of anti-fatigue mats. So why choose the new DeskRite Anti-Fatigue Mat over any other?

Just right

The whole idea behind anti-fatigue mats is to offer cushioning over hard floors to reduce pressure on the legs. But studies show that surfaces that are too soft can actually increase fatigue because the constant micro-adjustments the user has to make to stay upright demand more energy. The DeskRite mat has been made with a special virgin closed cell PVC foam, which not only means it’s extra durable, lightweight and nontoxic, but it also provides the perfect level of tension underfoot for both cushioning and support. Not too hard, not too soft. Just right.

Work your core

The squishy, spongy surface of the DeskRite Anti-Fatigue Mat means you’re constantly moving (without realising it) to right your posture. The cyclic muscle contractions in your legs not only improve blood circulation but also help you to strengthen your back and core muscles - another good way of warding off musculoskeletal injuries.

Compact and office-friendly

The mat is neat and compact - the perfect size for your sit-stand desk. It’s easy enough to slip under the desk when out of use. The bevelled edge gives it a sleek and simple look ideal for offices.

Health and safety friendly

Our mat has undergone rigorous health and safety testing to ensure it’s slip resistant and provides plenty of underfoot grip with a pebbled surface.

To see all the product details, and order yourself one online today, head to our DeskRite Anti-Fatigue Mat page now.