The A to Z of wellbeing at work: free posters

Wellbeing at work posters from Posturite

This new poster series shares top tips for staying mentally and physically healthy at work. We all need reminders to look after ourselves properly during our busy work schedules – if we don’t, it could lead to burnout which is of course counter-productive!

  • Clear your mind by going for a walk
  • Chat things through with colleagues or fellow freelancers; it’s positive for your mental health – just don’t suffer in silence
  • Make sure your back is well supported while you work
  • Your back also benefits from plenty of movement while you work

Take a look at the posters below for many more quick reminders for health and happiness at work.

Here’s the top tips for wellbeing at work in PDF format. 

A to Z of wellbeing at work

A is for Active 
B is for Back
C is for Conversation
D is for Drink
E is for Ergonomics
F is for Flexibility
G is for Growth
H is for Hips    
I is for Inclusion
J is for Joy
K is for Kindness
L is for Liberty
M is for Movement
N is for Nutrition
O is for Open
P is for Posture
Q is for Questions
R is for Recommendations
S is for Sit-Stand
T is for Togetherness    
U is for Up
V is for Variety
W is for Walk
X is for Exec
Y is for You
Z is for Zzzz

Open the A-Z of wellbeing at work posters in PDF format