The best sit-stand desk for bloggers, YouTubers and creatives

Over the past few decades there's been a huge shift in how people choose to spend their time. Technology has made everything easier, quicker and more convenient, freeing up time for us to create and innovate but also keeping us rooted to our desks.

Thanks to the Internet we all have the freedom and space to post our weird and wonderful creations - travelogues, artworks, reviews, how-tos and (of course) cat videos. There are around 23 million YouTube channels and over 500 million blogs in existence, representing hours and hours of time spent typing, clicking and tapping at a screen.

YouTuber Saffron Barker, sitting at her home office desk

In the comfort of our own homes we're much more likely to adopt risky postures, like slumping on the sofa, propping laptops up at awkward angles and having our feet underneath us or on furniture. The Display Screen Equipment (DSE) regulations don't apply to the millions of people creating content in their bedrooms and home offices, but this doesn't protect them from back pain, RSI or any of the other musculoskeletal disorders associated with sitting for too long at a workstation.

Since launching in November 2018, our Opløft Sit-Stand Platform has piqued the interest of several bloggers, including 18-year-old social media influencer Saffron Barker, better known by her young female fan-base as Saffy B. Saffron vlogs to an audience of more than two million about her daily life - the make-up she wears, her gym routine and her family antics. Off the back of her successful YouTube career she's also launched three fashion ranges for Primark and published a book called Saffron Barker Vs Real Life.

The entrepreneurial vlogger recently posted a behind-the-scenes video of her editing set-up, revealing that she's been using an Opløft Sit-Stand Platform to move between sitting and standing while she works. Describing it as her 'new favourite thing', Saffron said:

"When I'm sitting down to edit in my bedroom I find I'm so tired. But if I'm working while standing up I'm so much more productive. [Opløft ] is great because I can go and edit in the kitchen, or take it around the house."

You can watch the full vlog for yourself, and benefit from our exclusive discount code, here:

The Telegraph reported that young people in Britain are among the least active in the world, having been 'weaned on screen-time and starved of outdoor activity' growing up. Sedentary activities like playing video games, watching television and browsing social media have replaced being outdoors, and this shift in behaviour is reflected in the latest obesity statistics, which have reached record levels. One in 10 children are now obese before they even begin primary school.

For young people who spend a lot of their time at their computers studying, browsing online, or working on their blogs or YouTube channels, a sit-stand desk gives them an option to get up onto their feet and move out of uncomfortable positions.

At £299.99, Opløft is a more reasonable expense than a full-sized sit-stand desk, and because it's slim, lightweight and easy to operate, it can be moved from room to room and shared between family members.

Full time food and travel blogger Heidi Roberts of Kitchen Talk and Travels has also enjoyed the addition of an Opløft to her set-up. She told us:

"I spend hours on my computer and laptop. I sit and work at the dining room table which is my ‘desk’. I have arthritis in my knee so getting up and down from the table can be quite painful."

Weighing only 12 kg and sitting just over one inch high when collapsed to sitting level, Opløft is one of the most portable sit-stand desks on the market, which is what first attracted Heidi to the platform. She added: "I like the fact that it is portable and easy to raise. It's very easy to set up and move around the house. It's not too heavy and folds away nicely. It's easier to move to the music on the radio when I'm standing at my Opløft!"

You can read more about the Opløft and its many features by visiting our detailed product page.