Help for neck and shoulder pain at work - new resources

If you've ever felt tight or achy around your shoulders and neck after a long day at your desk, you're not alone. Last year upper limb and neck problems accounted for most reported musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

While MSDs come about for many different reasons, they can be triggered and made worse by sitting in poor, prolonged postures at a desk.

Being in pain is distracting and draining. If you do suffer from shoulder and neck problems, whether it's the odd twinge or full-time agony, it's worth making a few checks around your workstation and your general daily habits. Do you move enough? Are you positioned suitably? Is your equipment right for you?

We've created an infographic and series of accompanying print-friendly posters to make it easy to identify problems and solutions for neck and shoulder pain at work. Feel free to download and share with your colleagues. Often, just a few simple tweaks can make a huge difference to both comfort and productivity.