How to combat inactivity when you work from home

Working from home is by nature sedentary. After all, you don't need to walk further than the square footage of your dwelling to earn your living for the day.

Considering that physical inactivity is a leading cause of ill health and death (on par with smoking), it's vital that homeworkers make a concerted effort to integrate activity into their daily routines. Sitting still all day does untold damage to your body - and it's not great for your mental health either. We've produced the below infographic to show you the risks of sitting for too long at home, along with some ideas on how to incorporate more movement into your everyday WFH lifestyle.

We sell products especially designed to increase your activity levels throughout the day, including sit-stand desks, active sitting chairs, and accessories such as the MoovRite, a balance board that allows you to rock and pace while you stand at your workstation. 

Infographic showing ways to be more active when you're working from home