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Tech neck and how to avoid it

Get on a train today and you'll probably be faced with a carriage full of people bowing their heads over various glowing devices.

Our increasing use of mobile technology in all areas of life is having a noticeable impact on humanity - not just socially, emotionally and psychologically, but physically too.

It's difficult to avoid it. Our phones light up and buzz and make noises to demand our attention. In the darkness of our pockets they're constantly being updated with the latest news alerts, social media posts, products and emails. There's always something new and sparkly to look at, and enough of it to keep us looking at our devices for hours on end without losing interest.

While our brains might be happily stimulated by the endless riches of the Internet, our bodies are not. The head-hanging posture often required to look at a hand-held device puts a huge amount of pressure on the spine and surrounding structures, often resulting in ongoing pain, discomfort and injury.

Tech neck is a growing problem, and one employers need to think about. Fortunately there are ways of tackling it, like using phone and tablet stands and taking plenty of breaks. View and share our infographic (preferably at eye height!) to learn more:

Download our 'tech neck and how to avoid it' infographic