The ultimate guide to saving a life - Heart Month 2018

For Heart Month 2018 we're raving about the importance of first aid and defibrillation training in the workplace. Our 'the ultimate guide to saving a life' infographic is available as a downloadable PDF - get yours now It takes just two hours to train staff to use an automatic external defibrillator (AED) in a life threatening situation, and just two minutes to read our ultimate guide to saving a life at the end of this post. But first things first...

How to get 10% off AED training

Fill out this short contact form and reference the code: HM18 in your message to get 10% off your booking throughout Heart Month 2018 (February). Please note, this code only applies to our face-to-face AED Awareness course. You choose the date and provide the venue, usually your premises, and we provide the training and any necessary equipment. View all first aid training courses › View all Automatic External Defibrillators ›

Why might cardiac arrest happen at work?

A cardiac arrest is when the heart's rhythm is disrupted and electrical activity becomes so chaotic that the heart either quivers (fibrillates), or stops pumping blood altogether. Cardiac arrest can occur as a result of a heart problem like congenital heart disease but it can also happen during: - electrocution - significant blood loss - drowning. Within 20 seconds of the heart stopping, the person becomes unconscious. After three to four minutes, brain activity stops. This is why it is so important to start CPR and defibrillation as quickly as possible. Speed comes with confidence, and confidence comes with training. We offer face-to-face first aid training and a first aid refresher e-learning course that staff can take at any time between official training to improve their confidence. Preparing for emergencies should be a critical part of your health and wellbeing strategy. You can start by sharing our 'Ultimate guide to saving a life' with colleagues. To download a PDF of our infographic, click on the image below. Our 'the ultimate guide to saving a life' infographic is available as a downloadable PDF - get yours now