What is a vertical mouse and how could it help me?

One of Posturite’s Ergonomic Product Specialists, Vikki Greer, has created an exceptionally helpful short explainer video on the benefits of using a vertical mouse.

In just two minutes of watching the video below, you’ll have a far better understanding of how to position your hand on a vertical mouse. You’ll also get the chance to see a demo of some of the very best vertical mice on the market.

The idea behind a vertical mouse is to mimic a ‘handshake posture’ and it's a much more natural posture for your hand, forearm and wrist to be in. With a good vertical mouse, your whole hand is also well supported, and there is reduced pressure on the little finger.

Take a look at what this ‘handshake posture’ looks like:

Featured in the video are:

The benefits of using a vertical mouse

Vikki explains more:

“If you think about how your hands are naturally at rest when they're just relaxed and hanging down by your sides, your palms actually point inwards towards your body.

If you were then to bring your arms up, this is what we call the handshake posture.

But then when we come to a standard mouse, what we do is turn the hand palm downwards. In this position, there can be a lot of pressure on the wrist. We also tend to plant the wrist on the desk and then do very fine side-to-side movements, which can also be highly repetitive and can aggravate wrist issues.”

What is a vertical mouse?

You can ask Vikki and her team your questions completely free here on the Posturite website about vertical mice and which ergonomic products would be right for you – just start a Live Chat.

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