Which office chair is most suitable for a petite or tall person?

Vikki Greer is the Senior Ergonomic Product Specialist at Posturite and in the short and sweet video below, she gives you her tips on choosing an office chair for a petite or tall person. How can you make yourself comfortable and create a good ergonomic position at your desk?

Vikki explains that it’s best to get a few additional measurements before she recommends chairs for taller or smaller people, because two people who are both 5 ft 2 could have very different measurements and ratios for their upper leg, lower leg and torso. 

You can ask Vikki and her team your questions on what to choose when you’re shopping for ergonomic equipment on the Posturite online chat. You can also give your measurements so the right office chair for you can be recommended. Just open the chat box on any page of this website during office hours and the Posturite product specialists will be happy to help. 

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