Best ergonomic chairs for homeworkers

Being able to work at your laptop or computer day in, day out, without developing musculoskeletal pain, requires supportive seating and regular movement.

Lifestyle shot showing an ergonomic chair within a home environment There is no one-size-fits-all solution for all homeworkers, which is why we stock so many different ergonomic office chair models. The ergonomic office chairs we've chosen for this blog post all work really well in the home environment and meet our rigorous standards for seating.

Best on a budget

Homeworker Ergonomic Chair

Homeworker Ergonomic Office Chair

Upgrade your home set-up with the Homeworker Ergonomic Office Chair, a simple office chair that’s easy to adjust to a perfectly comfortable sitting position. Intuitive functions allow you to adjust the height of the chair so that you can align your feet, knees and hips well, avoid pain and work productively for longer. Available in black, grey, red and royal blue.

Best all-rounder for sharers

HÅG SoFi 7500 Black Frame Mesh High Back Task Chair

If you're sharing a home office with other members of your household, you'll want a chair that's really easy to adjust so that any user can instantly find a comfortable position. The innovative heavy duty mesh on the SoFi 7500 offers the perfect balance between support and air-flow, while giving your home office a modern look. Ergonomic features include a padded lumbar support, unique ‘SlideBack’ armrests, foot support and an optional neckrest.

The SoFi is specially designed to encourage movement. Without you even having to think about it, the special centre tilt mechanism will activate your muscles to keep your body comfortably stimulated throughout the day. Watch our Chair Guru explain how the InBalance mechanism works here:

Best for versatility

HÅG Capisco 8106 Straw Office Chair

HÅG Capisco 8106 Office Chair

Are you a fidgeter? Love to keep moving and changing up your sitting position? The HÅG Capisco was made for you. The saddle seat can be set between low and high working positions - all the way up to standing, enabling you to be more dynamic in your movements. Sit backwards or forwards, and make use of the natural movement mechanism to stimulate your creativity. Available in black, grey and straw.

Best for ergonomics and adjustability

Positiv Plus High Back (with armrests/headrest)

Positiv Plus (high back) Ergonomic Office Chair

Whether you already suffer from back, neck or shoulder issues, or you're keen to prevent them, a chair with plenty of adjustment options is going to be best for you. With world-class ergonomic design and functionality at an affordable price, the Positiv Plus offers the sort of sophisticated controls, adjustability and durability normally found on more expensive ergonomic chairs, at a lower price.

Best for unlimited budgets

RH Logic 220 High Back Salmon Pink Office Chair

RH Logic 220 High Back Office Chair

Ready to pull out all the stops for your health at home? Recently reworked to better fit fast-paced, modern, agile environments, the incredibly comfortable and supportive RH Logic is perfect for your high spec home office. The seat features a rounded waterfall edge to reduce pressure on the thighs, while the backrest - which on the 220 is extra tall, features a soft curve to keep the back upright, mobilising the arms and shoulders for increased comfort in any position. The high back has an inbuilt inflatable lumbar cushion as standard so all users can quickly find the most suitable level of lower back support. Available in black, dark blue, dark grey, forest green, salmon pink, straw and stone.