Top healthy working gift ideas for Christmas

Struggling for Christmas gift ideas this year?

llustration of lorries with large Christmas presents on the back

We're a nation of tech-addicts, so this Christmas why not help a gadget-loving friend out with some ergonomic tools to stave off those pesky musculoskeletal disorders?

Make sure you order before Friday 15 December to guarantee delivery before Christmas Day! The Posturite elves are heading off for a well-deserved festive break on Friday 22 December at 12.30 pm but will be back in full force at 9 am on Tuesday 2 January 2018.

Here's our pick of gift ideas for Christmas 2017...

Treat someone to a sit-stand desk

Office worker using our DeskRite 100 Sit-Stand Platform

Our budget-friendly DeskRite 100, pictured above, is a particularly flexible sit-stand solution because it can be placed on top of any existing surface. In other words, the recipient of your excellent choice of gift won't have to completely dismantle their home office or living room in order to use it. It fits very discreetly into all environments.

It's also easy as (mince) pie to assemble.

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Know a couch potato? Get them moving with a MoovRite

Close up of our MoovRite Rocking Standing Platform

As soon as you take the stability away from the surface you're standing on, you're forced to use your muscles to stay upright. Our brand new MoovRite balances on a ridged dome so you can adjust your feet and legs to rock backwards and forwards, or side-to-side (depending on which way it's facing). This gentle movement works your muscles without requiring any concentration, so you can work and rock at the same time. Perfect for burning off all those post-Christmas-dinner chocolates.

It can be used by people who already have sit-stand desks, or it can be used in a seated position as a moving footrest (this still works the leg muscles). But it's not limited to the office. How about giving it a go in front of the telly, while you're reading, or simply as a way to improve your balance in a safe way?

On another note, it comes in a compact rectangular package so it's really easy to wrap up and pop under the tree.

Lumo Lift wearable: for the sloucher in your life

Lumo Lift

Health-tracking wearables are all the rage right now and, while Lumo Lift hasn't had as much press coverage as the FitBit, it definitely has its place in the workplace health market.

Poor posture is a key cause of back and neck pain. The Lumo Lift is a tiny device that clips magnetically to your clothing to measure your posture. When you start to slump, it gets ticked off and starts to vibrate to tell you to sit up straight (a bit like a virtual teacher). Over time you will learn to recognise poor postures, and quickly snap out of them to reduce back pain.

Lumo Lift also counts your steps and calorie burn, sending useful statistics to your accompanying app over time. This is a handy, unique little wearable that's perfect as a Christmas present.

Say farewell to aches and pains with Unimouse

Contour Unimouse The Unimouse is the newest addition (to date) to our huge collection of ergonomic mice. This particular model not only looks great, it's also got a unique adjustment mechanism so you can find the perfect working angle. This makes it a particularly good Christmas present, as the recipient can find the adjustment that's right for them.

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Penclic: where keyboards get stylish

Penclic C3 Mini Keyboard

Penclic has become famous for producing an array of really nice looking ergonomic products. The Penclic C3 Mini Keyboard is an ergonomic keyboard designed to fit into a fast-paced, agile lifestyle. It's compact, comfortable to use and stylish, perfect for anyone you know who travels around a lot for work.

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Banish tech neck with Tabetha

Tabetha Freestanding Tablet Mount

If you've got kids who pour over their tablets every evening playing games, or watching videos, then it's important that you protect them from 'tech neck'. The viewing angle of a tablet can put a lot of strain on the spine and cause painful musculoskeletal disorders. Tabetha tablet mount puts a stop to that by propping the tablet up at an appropriate angle.

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