What helps to prevent shoulder pain when we’re doing office work?

One simple way to help prevent shoulder pain at work is to keep moving! Remember to get up from your desk frequently, walk around and stretch. Because if your shoulders stay in one position for too long, it could cause imbalance in the muscles and strain on the shoulder ligaments and tendons.

Good positioning and ergonomic equipment also help us prevent shoulder pain when we’re working at the office or working from home. Scroll down to check out the new Posturite shoulders infographic for tips.

You might be surprised to learn which pieces of office working equipment actually affect your shoulders. Find out in the infographic why a compact keyboard helps, for example.

175,000 UK workers reported an upper limb or neck disorder last year, so let’s give shoulder pain prevention the importance it deserves in all our workplaces.

Click here to download our 'Looking after your shoulders at work' infographic

More help if you have a shoulder injury

This is a glimpse at the ergonomic solutions available which can help if you’re suffering from shoulder pain while working. There are many more! If you have an employer, you could request a DSE Assessment to get individual advice on workstation positioning and helpful equipment when you have a shoulder injury.

Simple guide to looking after your shoulders at work

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