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Working from home: your health check infographic

All across the country people are working from home with varying degrees of success.

Some of you may already be well equipped with a regulation-compliant ergonomic workstation, complete with home office desks and chairs, or at least an adjustable laptop stand and separate mouse and keyboard.

Others will be left to improvise with household objects to achieve a suitable working position. Whatever your situation, it's easy to slip into bad habits - even with access to a full workstation. That's why we recommend regularly giving yourself, your work area and habits a quick health check.

Our Head Consultant Katharine Metters recently presented a webinar packed full of advice about what to look out for, and how to improve your comfort and productivity at home. You can find the homeworking health check-up webinar here.

We've used Katharine's expert advice to produce an infographic that you can use as a guide to check over your own set-up and situation. You'll find that the check-up is broken down into three sections: physical health, mental health and external environment.

We may not be able to control all these elements of our lives, but we can certainly take steps to try to improve them.

'Working from home - your health check up' infographic, which links to the downloadable PDF