Work from home wellbeing: celebrity top tips

Struggling with work from home wellbeing? You're not alone. Just like us, many celebrities have been forced to work from home over the last year to comply with lockdown rules.

The pandemic has challenged the nation’s wellbeing. In fact, half of those recently surveyed said that their mental health deteriorated during lockdown. While we have all had our own experiences during this time, there is comfort to be taken in the knowledge that we're all, to some extent, in the same boat. It's reassuring to think that even celebrities had to improvise during lockdown, taking over studies and spare rooms with make-shift set-ups to create a decently comfortable place to work. As ergonomists, we’re always curious to see how people are working — so we've scoured the Internet to give you a sneak peek into the temporary work from home lifestyles of the rich and famous.

Kate Middleton

Early on in the pandemic, the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton was spotted using our Easy Laptop Desk in a video chat with Roe Green Junior School. As well as raising her laptop for a more flattering webcam angle, she may have found it easier to adopt a good, well supported posture by using this laptop stand.

Victoria Beckham

In this set-up, fashion mogul and former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham appears to have fully embraced the minimalist style. But minimalism isn’t all about fashion. Did you know that keeping a clean, bare workstation can help improve your work from home wellbeing? The more space you have, the easier it is to arrange your equipment ergonomically. When you're cramped and cluttered, you're at risk of adopting hunched or restricted positions at your workstation, which can eventually lead to musculoskeletal issues. Just make sure all of your equipment is within easy reach. Take a leaf from Posh Spice's book and invest in a desk with space to sprawl.

Fearne Cotton

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TV personality Fearne Cotton chose to dress up in a glamorous sparkly dress and high heels for a work from home session editing her book on a tablet. She's clearly improvised to elevate her screen to eye-level - which is better than hunching over it, but using a tablet stand would have been a safer bet, as it would keep her device stable and secure.

What work from home wellbeing tip can we take from Fearne? Dress to impress! Get ready in the morning as if you were really going out. Feeling clean, well-groomed and stylish can help you get into the right frame of mind for a productive day - even if no-one’s there to see you but the family pet.

Heidi Klum

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In this Instagram post, we see supermodel Heidi Klum sharing a rather cluttered desk with her guitarist husband Tom Kalitz. While we don't recommend trying Heidi's posture for any length of time (it looks like she'll have to twist to type, which could lead to injury), there's nothing wrong with sharing with your partner when you work from home.

In fact, sharing a home office effectively with your other half is a great way to boost your work from home wellbeing. Being able to chat with, motivate and bounce ideas off one another can help keep your spirits up throughout the working day in lieu of seeing office colleagues. Just make sure you set boundaries, make time for your own activities and respect one another's privacy.

John Krasinski

During lockdown, John Krasinski (film director, actor and Jim from the US Office), launched a YouTube channel called Some Good News with John Krasinski, delivering positive headlines to self-isolators every Sunday night. While he may not be displaying the most impressive ergonomic workstation in his videos, John does teach us a very important lesson about the power of positivity. Work from home wellbeing is something that can be worked on. Seek out positive news, identify and focus on the good things in life, and don’t be afraid to share what you find.

Oprah Winfrey

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Oprah, broadcasting legend and queen of inspirational wellbeing quotes, has frequently been seen working from home throughout the pandemic. Her temporary set-up looks well geared towards video calling, with a stack of books serving as a monitor stand and pleasant, neutral tones creating a welcoming backdrop.

When it comes to work from home wellbeing, the environment around you matters. Just like Oprah, we recommend sourcing some wall art that inspires you, and adding living pot plants to the room to supplement your oxygen levels and bring a little of nature’s beauty indoors.

As Oprah herself once said, "Joy is a sustained sense of well-being and internal peace - a connection to what matters."

When we're thrust into unexpected situations, all we can do is make the best of what we have. You can start now by creating a comfortable workstation where you feel able and inspired to do your best work.

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