10 bargains for the body under £40

Ergonomic bargains for the body

You can’t put a price on preventing and alleviating pain in your body, but neither do we have bottomless pockets!

It’s good news that there are great bargains on the market which can benefit your physical health and solve issues in new and innovative ways. Perhaps you get back ache when you’re driving your car or wrist pain while working at a computer? Here’s a Top Ten of low-cost ergonomic products bursting with bonuses for your back, shoulders, feet, neck, wrists and more.

Ergonomic products to benefit your back, shoulders, neck, wrists and feet

1 The SmartFit Easy Riser Laptop Stand

Body focus = neck and shoulders

Have you noticed that using a laptop without a stand can cause you to hunch over and look down at your screen? An affordable solution is the SmartFit Easy Riser Laptop Stand to improve your posture and positioning. Reduce your risk of back pain, neck pain and other musculoskeletal issues with this quick win! (More neck care tips here)

2022 mini price tag = £36.41 inc VAT*

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2 The Grip Mouse

Body focus = wrist and arm

Grip Mouse from Posturite

Relax! The angle you use with the ergonomic Grip Mouse is a more relaxed position than with a conventional computer mouse. It’s known as a 'handshake grip' which positions your forearm in a more neutral position, reducing the likelihood of problems and pressure on the underside of your wrist.

“I can now do my job without the constant pain I got from an ordinary mouse” said one reviewer.

2022 mini price tag = £38.34 inc VAT*

3 The V7 Essential Laptop Backpack

Body focus = back and shoulders

Backpacks are not just for students: the V7 Essential Laptop Backpack is a supremely comfortable bag to carry your work kit from home to the office. It’s a bargain too!

The potential problem with a shoulder bag for your laptop and office equipment is it causes asymmetrical loading when you hoik one shoulder up to keep the bag on. Whereas with the double straps of a backpack you have a more central loading of your body and shoulders. The V7 also has padded shoulder straps for top commuter comfort.

2022 mini price tag = £19.19 inc VAT*

4 The Posturite Lumbar Roll Cushion

Body focus = back

Lumbar roll cushion for back ache

This lumbar roll has the potential to provide relief from back pain and improve your support. Designed to sit in the inward curve of your lower back to improve sitting posture, the specialist cushion comes with straps to attach to almost any type of chair.

Flat-backed chairs like dining chairs are unable to support the natural curve of the lower back, encouraging you to adopt a hunched 'c' shaped position. If you have no choice but to use an ordinary kitchen or dining chair to work for a day, the lumbar roll can add support.

The price is the same whether you choose a D shaped or a circular shaped lumbar roll. Enjoy!

2022 mini price tag = £23.94 inc VAT*

5 The Professional Series™ Ultimate Foot Support

Body focus = back and feet

Foot support

“Helps posture and position at desk. Comfortable to use” said one reviewer of the Professional Series™ Ultimate Foot Support.

This foot support benefits your body while you work with its rocking motion which can help improve circulation and reduce fatigue.

It can relieve lower back pressure too! It does this by encouraging the correct ergonomic positioning of your feet and legs at your desk.

2022 mini price tag = £33.98 inc VAT

6 The Posturite Slimline Wedge Cushion

Body focus = back

Wedge cushion for car seat

If you’re more familiar with a slimline tonic than a slimline wedge, let me explain. This Slimline Wedge is a firm wedge-shaped cushion which provides a slight angle to encourage a pelvic tilt while you’re sitting down. This helps to maintain the correct pelvic position and align your knees and hips, improving your comfort.

“Good product, has helped prevent my back pain while driving.”

The reason Posturite call it a slimline wedge is that they have a larger wedge available too!

2022 mini price tag = £33.54 inc VAT*

7 The Disc'o'Sit ‘Active Sitting’ Cushion

Body focus = back

It was an inspired Monday marketing meeting when they came up with the exciting name ‘Disc'o'Sit’ for a health product.

The Disc'o'Sit is disc-shaped and dynamic you see. The purpose of it is to provide movement as you sit on it on your chair. Its construction creates a changing seating surface encouraging movement.

“Excellent product for anyone with coccyx type problems, makes sitting so much more relaxing” says Debs. This inflatable plastic disc can be helpful in episodes of acute back pain or ongoing back and hip problems.

2022 mini price tag = £32.33 inc VAT*

8 The I-Spire Series™ Tablet Stand and Document Holder

Body focus = neck and shoulders

Document holder

Simple but clever and cost-conscious, the I-Spire Series™ Tablet Stand and Document Holder helps you avoid painful ‘tech neck’ by elevating your tablet screen on the stand instead of hunching over to look at it on a desk. The same principle applies to a document!

2022 mini price tag = £21.00 inc VAT*

9 The A4 Tech Compact Mini Keyboard

Body focus = wrist

The mini keyboard with the mini price, the A4 Tech Compact Mini Keyboard is another quick win! Ergonomists are fans of compact keyboards because they allow you to position your mouse closer to you, rather than out to the side. This then reduces your risk of upper limb disorders.

“Good for after shoulder injury” says Martin.

2022 mini price tag = £23.94 inc VAT*

10 The MouseBean Ergonomic Hand Rest

Body focus = wrist

Last in the list but costs the least! The comfortable Mouse Bean Hand Rest lifts the middle part of you palm from the desk with its soft cushion pads. The resulting position aims to reduce the risk of there being pressure on the median nerve that enters your hand via the carpal tunnel.

2022 mini price tag = £13.14 inc VAT*

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*All prices shown are the prices as of December 2022