Experiencing menopause in the workplace - what happens and what we do

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Date & time

Friday 20 April 2018, 12.30pm


Dr Claire Hardy, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Women's Health at Work C.I.C

Katharine Metters, Posturite, MCSP MSc.Erg CMIOSH PGCE


Around 3.5 million women aged over 50 years are currently employed in the UK - many of whom experience the varying symptoms of menopause every day. Dr Claire Hardy’s webinar will look at menopause and the workplace. It will share some of the recent research evidence exploring working women's experiences of the menopause whilst at work, as well as recommendations for employers and line managers. Claire will also share exciting new initiatives and opportunities to become involved in this area of work - not to be missed.

About the speakers

Dr Claire Hardy

Dr Claire Hardy is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist in the UK specialising in women’s health at work. Claire has worked on a variety of health and wellbeing at work projects as a researcher and consultant over the last 13 years but became particularly interested in 'taboo' women's health issues that are often undisclosed and under-researched within the work context. Claire recently worked at King's College London as the academic researcher managing the Menopause@Work Project with Professor Myra Hunter (King's College London) and Professor Amanda Griffiths (University of Nottingham). The project aimed to improve the menopausal experience for working women through developing two brief work interventions over the last three years. It has, and continues, to produce a number of influential papers that have attracted a lot of media interest, inspiring other research projects around the globe to explore the topic more. Organisations themselves are now recognising the importance of addressing these issues for their staff. Claire now helps workplaces do this through a not-for-profit organisation she founded called Women's Health at Work. Claire helps organisations understand and use evidence in their practice to support their staff who may be suffering in silence.

Katharine Metters

Katharine is a Member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists, holds a master’s degree in ergonomics and is a chartered member of the Institute of Safety and Health. This unique combination of qualifications, together with her vast range of experience working within healthcare, food, retail and utility sectors, enables Katharine to offer a very broad based range of training, education and health & safety management in the workplace.