Hearing loss: discover the latest workplace adjustments

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What's this webinar about?

The best person to present to you on the theme of hearing loss and its impact at work is someone who has a hearing impairment themselves. So do join our enablement manager David Mitchell who discusses exciting new assistive technology and how it works well for him - plus the most effective workplace adjustments right now for hearing loss.

RNID research shows that more than half of people who are deaf or have hearing loss have felt like they’ve been treated unfairly at work. In this webinar we guide employers on the path to putting this right.

Our guest speaker Paul Minikin from FM Hearing Systems will introduce you to tech which transforms accessibility in meeting rooms and helps enable people with hearing loss (whether they wear hearing aids or not) to participate fully.

Find out what you and your colleagues can expect in a hearing loss assessment and much more.

Who is this webinar for?

  • Everyone interested in diversity, equality and inclusion
  • People in HR, Health and Safety and Wellbeing roles
  • People experiencing hearing loss themselves

Date & time

Thursday 16 November 2023, 11am-12pm


  • David Mitchell, Enablement Account Manager, Posturite
  • Paul Minikin, Hearing Aid Audiologist and Owner/Director, HAB Hearing and FM Hearing Systems
  • Andy Rigby, Regional Manager, Posturite