Friday 20 March 2015


Sudhir Daya


Choosing to 'C' first, can change your reactivity

Our guest speaker Sudhir will be talking about psychological resilience, why it is important, its relationship to stress, how to develop resilience and what Integrated Health can do to help with developing resilience.


Sudhir is the founder and director of Intergrated Health. With more than 13 years' experience and a background in physiotherapy and ergonomics, Sudhir appreciated the mind-body interaction in 'dis-ease' and therefore coaching was an organic diversification for Integrated Health in order to 'bring it all together' and address the person holistically.

Sudhir has a bias towards health and wellbeing coaching but is particularly interested in personal transformational coaching, which empowers people to make better fundamental choices so that they can live the life they truly want to live and feel more energised, focused and happy.

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