Dyslexia – how to spot the signs


Friday 7 April 2017


Howard Chambers, Enablement Consultant


The latest statistics in the UK show that 10% of the population are dyslexic - 4% severely so. In this eye-opening webinar, our enablement consultant Howard Chambers will discuss how to recognise dyslexia in your workplace, and what to do to ensure people can maximise their productivity within their job role. Having been in the accessibility field for over 20 years, Howard will go through the issues individuals face within the work environment and discuss what help is available to them.

How can having dyslexia make individuals feel? And what are the truths and the myths around dyslexia? Many things such as a job role change or promotion can change an individual’s output, and the solutions can be a simple change in the way they work. We’ll be discussing all of these critical points in our upcoming free webinar. Make sure you book your place now to be sent a link to listen in on the day.


Howard has over 20 years accessibility experience, including advising employers, training trainers and working directly with disabled customers to develop and promote the most innovative assistive technology solutions. He is an Assistive Technology Practitioner and a former member of the British Assistive Technology Association (BATA). Howard has developed accessibility strategies and designed underpinning standards.

He has particular strengths in encouraging the use of innovative accessibility techniques and commissioning ICT to improve accessibility and employability options for people with barriers to work. He is a rounded communicator regarding accessibility, including public speaking and writing and presenting articles on assistive technology. He is also fully conversant with disability legislations and regulatory compliance in such disciplines (i.e. BS 8878 - Web Accessibility Code of Practice).

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