The new assistive tech powering inclusion

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Date & time

Wednesday 21 June, 3-4pm


  • Andy Rigby, Enablement Manager, Posturite
  • Dan Scarfe, CEO, XRAI Glass
  • Dorie Shapiro, VP Customer Experience, XRAI Glass


How can we enable our hearing-impaired and neurodiverse colleagues? Discover the exciting new XRAI Glass technology now available from Posturite in this webinar. We’re proud to demo to you smart glasses that enable deaf people and the hard of hearing to 'see' conversations.

70% of people with disabilities feel that their workplace could do more to provide tech that enables greater accessibility1. Our partners at XRAI Glass present their software which turns speech into subtitles, in real-time. When you wear the compatible glasses, conversations around you are instantly transcribed by the XRAI Glass app, and the words appear on the glass right in front of your eyes. Watch this webinar to hear how XRAI Glass also uses AI to summarise workplace conversations – which neurodivergent people can find incredibly beneficial. The worldwide media buzz around this product is entirely justified – so this event is a much-watch!

Who is this webinar for?

  • Everyone working to improve diversity, equality and inclusion
  • People with a disability interested in Assistive Technology
  • Health and Safety, Operations, Occupational Health and HR team members